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Hi - Retired (banking), I am 69 yrs old, silver-haired, and single (again!). Home is Plattsburgh, NY near Lake Champlain. My one daughter and her husband have blessed me with 2 grandsons (12 and 10). When they both become teenagers, I might plan to move to a warmer climate....or at least become a snowbird. Like to walk, read, bake. Love dogs....and have two Springers. Also like to ride motorcycles (as a passenger only) Favorite quote.....Well behaved women rarely make history!
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    Completed this challenge after returning home from O/A exercise class.

    Rather surprised that DC didn't given us a challenge today that would go along with it being Earth Day.....something to help the environment. Could have been something really simple and easy......i.e., picking up some paper litter while out walking, taking reusable bags to the grocery store rather than using plastic, or if at a fast food place, only taking one or two napkins rather than a handful, or not letting the water faucet run while brushing teeth.

    Had a bit of scare today. Big Al and I had taken the dogs up to Wilcox Dock to walk along the trail. Only part of the trail was walkable due to how high the lake water is now. We walked out as far as we could and had turned around to head back. Jewels and I were walking a bit ahead of Al and Hank. They were walking closer to the water while Jewels and I were being more cautious, staying a few feet further away from the water. Hank was exhibiting a good deal of interest in a pair of ducks that were out on the water. Whoops.....Big Al tripped over a tree root and down he went, losing his grip on Hank's leash. Hank was in the water in a heartbeat headed for the ducks!
    Of course, the ducks paddled away into the deep water......with Hank hot on their trail, ignoring my commands to come back (and get a treat). When they were about 40 yards out, the ducks finally took flight. At that point, Hank decided it was a lost cause and, bless his heart, turned around and swam back into shore. Yes, he got some treats!
    Have no idea what we would have done if the ducks had continued to paddle away......don't really want to even think about that!
    Luckily, Big Al was not hurt when he went face down. His biggest problem was getting back on his feet. He has had both his right hip and his right knee each replaced twice and getting up and down can be a challenge ....but he managed.

    We had a mostly cloudy day here, temp in the low 50s; rain late this afternoon.

    Happy Tuesday; Happy Earth Day. April 22, 2014 at 21:55 UTC

    "March in place for 2 minutes, lifting your knees as high as you can"

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    I'm a day late completing this challenge.

    Thanks Lynn for sending encouragement yesterday.

    Tried this exercise and liked it......anything that works the core is good. April 21, 2014 at 23:22 UTC

    "Sit with your hands flat behind your hips. Lift your feet until shins are parallel with the floor"

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    Linda B. thanks for sending encouragement this morning.

    This challenge sounds like a good idea and one I'll definitely give a try when the weather gets warm enough to go without gloves. Right now I still need a lightweight pair when I go out.

    Weather here today was a mix of sun and clouds....Mama Nature couldn't seem to make up her mind which we should have at any given moment.

    Hope everyone had a wonder-filled Easter.
    Peace/Grace/Strength to all. April 21, 2014 at 22:57 UTC

    "Instead of hand cream, apply sunscreen to the backs of your hands to protect them from the sun"

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    Thank you Kathryn T for sending great encouragement....and points.....today! Happy Easter!

    I've been following a local issue about changing some of our streets......putting them on what's called a Road Diet.
    These are currently roads with two lanes going each way.....the "powers that be" want to take the outside lane each way and divide it up so bikers and pedestrians each have a lane to travel in. Reportedly, this will increase the safety of bikers and pedestrians and reduce accidents and injuries. They will also need to encourage drivers to reduce their speed.

    Our day was grey and overcast till mid-afternoon when the sun decided to visit; temp reached the low 50s.

    Hope everyone is enjoying Easter weekend! April 20, 2014 at 2:30 UTC

    "Learn about a local issue"

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    Done.....spinach in the vegetable soup I had at lunch time.

    Sunny, but chilly and windy here today......lawns are starting to show a bit of green.

    Big Al and I made a Lowe's run today.....we were there almost 2 hours....I had been accumulating a list of things to pick up. Store was quite busy with lots of folks buying potted flowers for the Easter weekend.
    Had the most unusual thing happen while there. Al and I were walking around, kidding each other as usual, while he pushed the cart....... when a gentleman walked right up to us and started talking. This in itself is not unusual....Al seems to know everyone in town.....so I assumed it was someone he was acquainted with. Not so. The man was grey-haired, tall, and sturdy.....he pointed a finger at Al and said...."Now you take good care of her.....I'm 82 - I was married, but I just lost my wife....so you make sure you take good care of her." Then he turned and went on down the aisle, disappearing into the other shoppers. Al and I were surprised speechless.....and, of course, I puddled up. How bittersweet was that?

    Peace/Grace/Strength to all on this Good Friday. April 18, 2014 at 21:59 UTC

    "Add a dark green vegetable to a meal today, such as spinach leaves in a sandwich or salad"

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    Thanks, Flybaby, for the encouragement and the hugs!

    I think we've had this challenge before, but hugs are always good......even if they are self-administered. Real ones from another individual are better. As a stretch it felt good too.

    Pretty day here, sunny but chilly....still need to bundle up like it is winter when outside. Took the dogs down to Ausable Point to walk on the beach this afternoon.....the lake was amazingly high.....due snow melt, ice melt, and rain. In some places the lake was lapping at the edge of the road going into the park. After leaving the Point, we drove down to Ausable Chasm to check out the Falls......they were awesome.....really roaring!

    The weekend is almost here....do you have something fun planned? April 18, 2014 at 0:56 UTC

    "Hug yourself for a count of 10"

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    Thanks Ann for sending encouragement today.

    I like a cool, dark room for sleeping.......and, in the summer when it is hot and the windows are open, a fan running to blur any outside noises.

    Woke up to snow-covered ground this morning, wind, sun, and the temp in the 20s (F). Brrrrr. By tonight, almost all the snow has disappeared....except in the shadowy places/corners where the sun doesn't reach.

    Didn't have much trouble taking a nap this afternoon. Woke up with a nagging little headache. Trying to walk it off didn't work so by late morning it was time for taking an Excedrin, having a tiny bit of lunch, and then curling up on the couch with my blankie for a couple of hours......it worked. It always amazes me how perceptive my dog, Hank, is when I'm not feeling 100%.....all day he was quietly velcro'ed to me.....never left my side until I felt better.

    Happy Wednesday everyone! April 17, 2014 at 1:36 UTC

    "Share the number-one thing you do to ensure you get a good night's sleep"

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